Is not to have candy to however candy is tasted without sweet much " sweet trap
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The choice does not have sugar food, should look to whether be tagged not only " the food that do not have candy " model of written characters, see its burden table even. Cheng Jiao

Today is on the weekend, the mother-in-law that Mr Zheng thinks to be about to spend birthday 68 years old sends a portion the gift, suffer from because of his mother-in-law diabetic, he prepares to buy food of some of the nutrition that do not have candy to mother-in-law, can look to the market, although making the label that do not have candy,Mr Zheng discovers a lot of food on the market, but the part that contains sugar however, this lets his not know what to do.

Young fat person people should control sugar amount, the lady that loves the United States should reduce weight, old people should dominate blood sugar again, the food that do not have candy became the sweet pastry on the market at a draught. But the discovery after the food do not have candy that the reporter sells to the market today undertakes investigating, there is no lack of among them be there just to make up the number person.

Taste glamorous look without sweet

The reporter visited supermarket of a few large market inside big talk city today, discover what put on goods shelves to taste full of beautiful things in eyes without sweet, the bag mount of the commodity such as paste of pink of a lot of walnut, lotus root starch, black sesame seed, biscuit, chewing gum, cornmeal all marked ground mark is worn " without candy " model of written characters, but right " without candy " the explanation is multifarious however.

One bazaar food exceeds the urban district, what some food factory produces Guilin is medium the upper part of pink of senile nutrition walnut that pack uses big character body to be being tagged markedly " pink of the walnut that do not have candy " , but the lower part that pack is worn with mark of small character body however " without add sucrose " ; Inside another supermarket, sales promotion member in the cornmeal that is informed a reporter to want to buy be after giving old people edible, emphasize a kind having candy particularly oaten food " do not contain sugar absolutely, suit old people very much especially diabetic edible " . But, the reporter notices, the bag mount of this kind of cornmeal is being written with big character " without candy " model of written characters, in burden watch however mark is worn contain dextrose; The bag mount mark with a kind of black burnt sesame seed is worn " contain low sugar " model of written characters, further explanation says, "Because do not have sucrose composition, belong to without candy model food " (hind classics expert says, this kind of explanation is serious misdirect consumer expanded " without candy " the expression of notional limits) .

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