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Report from our correspondent this year in August, saddle hill city pledges check place delivers to the citizen " taste without sweet " the discovery after detecting, unexpectedly 6 is become unqualified. This detects the result lets many diabetics and family member be anxious for it.

Be in saddle hill city detect freely this in the activity, a citizen delivered a kind of xylose mellow milk powder, although sucrose content has 0.28 grams only, but total sugar volume achieves 36.1 grams however; Another kind does not have sucrose beans pink, sucrose content is 1.14 grams, total sugar volume achieves 34.9 grams. As we have learned, according to the country " pack general rule of label of food of special board edible beforehand " regulation, every 100 grams " taste without sweet " in contains sugar (all monose and disaccharide, namely the gross of candy) do not get prep above 0.5 grams. However, in the food do not have candy that sends check in this 6 wait for propagandist mark to went up to be tagged clearly in outer packing into sample " without candy " model of written characters, but the quantity that contain sugar exceeds national level far. The reporter arrives in the subsequently understanding in interviewing, a lot of citizens think erroneously " without sucrose " and " without candy " be equal, will " without sucrose food " or be " xylose mellow food " regard as " the food that do not have candy " redemptive home gives a diabetic edible. Relevant personage tells a reporter, the country is right " taste without sweet " the requirement is very tall, the level that raise also is all candy cent in be aimed at food. And food is comprise by a variety of burden, because this is produced " the food that do not have candy " it is everybody not only envisage add candy no longer, control the candy branch that heads oneself originally in all burden even however. Although did not add candy again,so some manufacturer homes are in in manufacturing process, but divide because of incontrollable burden candy, bring about " the food that do not have candy " still candy cent exceeds bid. And partial manufacturer is tagged " without sucrose " and " xylose is mellow " , actually " just did not add sucrose, not be to did not add other candy " .

Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, relevant personage says not without anxious ground: "' taste without sweet ' not without candy, perhaps use ' without sucrose ' , ' xylose is mellow ' model of written characters hits edge ball, still won't produce the harm with great what to healthy crowd, but if be a diabetic,believe these food too, be opposite likely healthy cause certain effect. " the doctor reminds a diabetic, dietary control is very significant, be not controlled and whats do not have these two kinds of ways cannot be taken. Want to abide by food to treat above all, the compositive scale of the nutriment in food wants reasonable, in limitation total caloric premise falls, food wants diversification, collocation of degree of finish also wants proper, promote tall fiber food and drink, if the vegetables and fruits of low quantity of heat such as coarse food grain, food grains other than wheat and rice, legume, vegetable also is,suit a diabetic quite.
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