The food that do not have candy is worth to pay close attention to
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The alleged candy that do not have candy points to, with the candy that does not contain the sugariness that forms dental caries to be made, and the caloric that reduces 3 above of 1 / than groovy candy is candied, and other nutrition element is identical. Because its quantity of heat is low,do not have candy candy, can avoid to absorb overmuch candy translate into adipose and those who bring about is fat. Because do not have candy candy to basically use cane sugar of mellow and rather than of xylose of sweet taste agent, edible hind does not have an influence to blood sugar, reason is appropriate the consumption of Yu Guanxin disease, diabetic. The candy that do not have candy has relatively stable spending market, patient of blood of tall fat of the person that fits on the high side of diabetic, blood sugar without candy candy and part. Show according to the data, our country has a diabetic 40 million, average per capita consumes 1 kilogram of candy, it is on 100 million yuan sale.

After 80 time, the candy do not have candy that replaces composition of material of traditional sweet taste formed new development trend, home of United States is in Europe in the ascendant, its are in Euramerican the 10 % left and right sides that as average as Japanese market sale already amounted to whole candy to sell amount, breed of design and color amounts to more than kinds 600. The organic character that does not have candy candy partly already was close to congener product or have distinguishing feature additionally. And be in China, the development of the candy that do not have candy is thing of nearly 10 years only. At present our country has a few features without the market of candy candy:

Do not have price of candy candy market above all general prep above is congener and traditional candied, this results from its main raw material -- of sugar mellow price costly those who reach the candy that do not have candy to manufacture technology is complex. Next, although the breed of design and color of the candy that do not have candy is in escalate, but the consumptive scale between breed not divide evenly judge grow. In breed of a lot of design and color, chewing gum and hard candy development are most rapid, the chewing gum that do not have candy already held the share of the 50 % of chewing gum market on average in Euramerican country, hard candy amounts to 30 % on average. And other breed, if a progress such as panocha, toffee is slow, its portion all does not exceed 10 % . The 3rd, still lack clear judgement boundary line to carbohydrate and healthy interests as a result of people, because this consumer is right,the functional action of the candy that do not have candy lacks clear self-identity to feel, show the optional sex of candied to having candy choice thereby.

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