Low energy ice-cream comes out
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Low energy ice-cream is mixed by fat substitute xylose of agent of low energy sweet taste is mellow, add water to be made appropriately. After this product adds xylose alcohol, in prevent dental caries, do not increase blood sugar value and the food respect that serve as a diabetic, show stronger than the other sugar alcohol such as Shan Lichun advantage. In the meantime, because xylose alcohol stops in animal bowel path, and have slow absorption, can promote bowel inside the path beneficial bacterium group, namely the hyperplasia of double branch bacili, function of adjustable stomach bowel, enhance power of human body immunity.

Recipe of low energy ice-cream: Skim pink 9. 2 % , butterine 5. 6 % , xylose is mellow 14 % , protein imitate is adipose 7. 4 % , ester of weak of one's own accord 0. 5 % , edible isinglass 0. 8 % , water 61. 45 % , coconut fine and soft 1. 0 % , coco essence 0. 05 % .

The manufacturing technology of low energy ice-cream and common ice-cream are similar. raw material of and so on of isinglass, dextrose dissolve of the warm-up that use water bilges, in throwing cold hot crock by all raw material that recipe place narrates, open agitate paddle mixes agitate and connect vapour to make stock warms up to 60 ℃ - 70 ℃ , after all be being handled character via what pressure is 15-20MPa, undertake antiseptic processing. Use superhigh temperature instantaneous antiseptic craft, cause acting fat in order to avoid sex of albumen qualitative change to taste invalidation. The condition with superhigh temperature antiseptic instantaneous is 125 ℃ - 135 ℃ , time lasts 2-3 second. Antiseptic hind stock via board type heat exchanger cools quickly to 1 ℃ - 5 ℃ , pump joins essence agitate divide evenly into the crock, in 1 ℃ - hour of 2-4 of maturity of the ageing below 5 ℃ temperature, freezing machine of classics of the stock after ageing coagulates aspic, control coagulates the stock after aspic expands rate in 80 % - between 100 % , next fill outfit shapes to enter quick-freeze tunnel instantly (- 40 ℃ - - 30 ℃ ) , sclerotic processing 15-20 is taken out after minute, send namely - 18 ℃ store up in the following freezer.

This goods is cool and refreshing and goluptious, after adding xylose alcohol to replace cane sugar, more appropriate diabetic, children and in old people edible. Often edible contains xylose mellow provision, can prevent the happening of dental caries already, function of adjustable stomach bowel, still have the function that prevents infection of respiratory tract bacterium at the same time.

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