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[channel of industry of food of net of Hc360 Hui Cong] a series of character that maltose alcohol has, make it is below the condition that need not change craft or recipe, can replace cane sugar directly, make a variety of provision that do not have candy.

With the chocolate do not have candy that maltose alcohol makes, those who contain ideal is sweet degree. Sample when this product, not only without frozen mouthfeel, and the character that contains crisp and icy simple sense structure.

Use liquid maltose mellow syrup treatment is advanced without candy hard sweets, basically OK the equipment of tradition of continue to use, craft is simple. In the meantime, the hydrogenation candy of syrup distributinged to provide tall stability for the product, reason can use traditional material to undertake packing. Of course, most those who attract manufacturing business is its cost price case comparing is other and multivariate alcohol is low.

Because panocha is in in liquid maltose mellow syrup, the balance value between maltose alcohol and polysaccharide is exact, in because this can serve as the matrix of the panocha that do not have candy,preventing a recipe other and multivariate circumstance of mellow occurrence crystallization, decide the final structure of panocha thereby. The candy that production comes out accompanies much better masticatory move, adhere sex is inferior also. In addition, because human body is mellow to the maltose of syrup be able to bear or endure prep above sufferring a gender is other and multivariate mellow, can make its the crucial burden that does not have candy soft sweets to produce sex of low have diarrhoea consequently.

When bake food is producing the cake that do not have candy and biscuit, can replace cane sugar with the maltose alcohol of identical weight directly. Produce manufacturing biscuit so, the respect waits in dough viscosity, roast parameter, color, flavour, bulk and crisp brittleness, as similar as traditional product.

Refrigerant sweetmeat and cane sugar are same, maltose alcohol has the effect that restrains freezing point, special those who be helpful for refrigerant sweetmeat save. As a result of it sweet degree tall, in can replacing carbohydrate to join ice-cream, refrigerant yoghurt and drink of cool and refreshing fruit juice.

Besides be similar to sucrose and outside be being used easily, maltose alcohol still has sex of a lot of functions. Above all, it does not contain candy component completely, and harmless to the tooth; Next, do not lift after edible blood sugar, suit a diabetic to use very; Moreover, cost of its quantity of heat is lower than sucrose 40 % ~ 50 % , for beautiful to paying attention to body modern, have important sense.

Chewing gum maltose is mellow scene is shown in grain of icing chewing gum. No matter the product is packed with which kinds of form, below what kind of climate, the crisp brittleness that maltose alcohol all can remove to carry a product, Gao Tian is spent, low heat, low hygroscopic the action with tall stability. In addition, it also can replace the cane sugar in sugar and other saccharide.
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