"The moon cake that do not have candy " provincial capital showing a body
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Report from our correspondent (trainee Ni Cheng Chengxun) draw near mid-autumn, moon cake in each big supermarket begins sell like hot cakes to rise. The reporter is in yesterday provincial capital some large supermarket discovery, a distinction at traditional moon cake " the moon cake that do not have candy " placed bar sadly. "The moon cake that do not have candy " than what there is is the appearance of moon cake there is sugar that follows a tradition different? Introduce according to supermarket salesperson, "The moon cake that do not have candy " not be to did not contain candy to change Bai Sha candy xylose alcohol however, xylose alcohol is agent of a kind of sweet taste only, because this has the lady that candy becomes fat to fearing, especially the diabetic is very good choice. Of the flavour of a sweetened bean taste that the reporter is in this supermarket subsequently " the moon cake that do not have candy " on saw such burden expresses: Acerbity Potassium of pear of tailored flour of stuffing of red sweetened bean taste, moon cake, saccharic, sterling peanut oil, hill.

The reporter discovers in be interviewed randomly, consumer is to hear of first mostly " the moon cake that do not have candy " , to its function does not understand very more. Additional, "The moon cake that do not have candy " tower above of commonner moon cake one times right-and-left price, but introduce according to the salesperson, actually " the moon cake that do not have candy " sale status is better still.

So " the moon cake that do not have candy " the function that whether has health care really, whether to suit a diabetic? Subsequently the phone interviewed the reporter the relevant expert of provincial hospital. According to expert introduction, "The moon cake that do not have candy " it is the cane sugar in replacing common moon cake with agent of other sweet taste normally. And reporter place sees " the moon cake that do not have candy " in what what contain is saccharic belong to 2 kinds of candy together like sucrose actually, similar to the influence of the diabetic and cane sugar, diabetic must careful edible.

The expert still tells a reporter, the fat content of moon cake normally taller, and the friend that no matter still reduce weight to the diabetic,the high fever that tall grease place brings measures is adverse. The expert reminds broad consumer not to want those who go up to be installed because of businessman and bag at the same time " without candy " publicize and ignored the effect of grease, starch to the diabetic.

Additional as we have learned, at present our country still is lacked " without candy " the detailed standard of food, predict similar standard will come on stage within year.

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