The food that do not have candy contains a maltose unexpectedly edible of meetin
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Son of 7 years old was become " small fat mound " , peaceful wave citizen when Ms. Li is preparing food for the son, intended choice a few " taste without sweet " . However she discovers however when the choose and buy, although a lot of food on the market are being hit " without candy " mark, but its are contained however " have sugar " composition. This lets her not know what to do.

The lady that loves the United States should reduce weight, old people should dominate blood sugar again, "The food that do not have candy " the sweet pastry that became the market to go up at a draught. But the discovery after the food do not have candy that the reporter sold to the market yesterday undertakes investigating, there is no lack of among them be there just to make up the number person.

Reporter investigation

One lady full supermarket seeks the food that do not have candy

Yesterday, the reporter daybreaks in the sea the area discovers in large supermarket investigation, full of beautiful things in eyes of present it may be said of the food that do not have candy, tag among them " without candy " the label wants at most to belong to a few kinds of food such as milk powder, cornmeal and corn flour.

"The food that do not have candy suits to have diabetic citizen quite, the people that wants to reduce weight also had better choose not to have sugar food. " supermarket assistant tastes those who undertaking do one's best to promote to having sweet, but enquire when the reporter after all what is " without candy " when, gotten answer is " the food that do not have candy " point to namely " without sucrose food " .

A lady that buying the cornmeal that do not have candy tells a reporter, their husband and wife two blood sugar on the high side, so full supermarket seeks the food that do not have candy. The reporter notices, there is cornmeal mark to be already on goods shelves " without sucrose " , also mark is " without saccharic " , but more direct mark are worn " without candy " . Although the corn flour that a kind of Hangzhou is produced is worn in the mark on outer packing " without candy tall calcium " , but the burden the outside and the inside of overleaf appeared however " maltose " model of written characters.

Expert proposal

Edible wants without sugar food discreet

Concerned expert thinks, it is maltose, dextrose or the other saccharide that can participate in metabolization no matter, edible excessive, can cause blood sugar to lift, cause a harm possibly to the diabetic. So, embedded maltose however mark is worn " without candy " food, can produce misdirect to consumer. Accordingly they remind, if sick person was eating " taste without sweet " hind blood sugar from this and elevatory, divide instantly outside gastric disorder, still answer to take provision to the authoritative orgnaization such as qualitative inspect to detect, whether be the disaster that it causes in order to decide.

Division director Liang Li tells endocrine of hospital of Zhejiang province children the reporter, although children is at present diabetic the person is ceaseless grow in quantity, but children is diabetic with the adult diabetic be to have very big distinction. Children is diabetic can have treatment through the method such as inject insulin, do not have sugar food completely without necessary edible. Contrary, edible does not have candy or low sugar food can affect the intake heating up card of children instead, normal growth mixes influence child healthy. The expert thinks, "The food that do not have candy " the good news that also is not adult diabetic apparently, even if of quality qualification " the food that do not have candy " also be only substantially " low sweet is tasted " , do not have fall the effect of candy medicaments.
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