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Our country captures technology of key of pumpkin deep treatment
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Recently, expert of organization of Ministry of Education is scientific to food of Chinese agriculture college with nutrient engineering courtyard Dr. Li Quanhong chairs " technology of key of industrialization of pumpkin deep treatment " relevant achievement has identification. Appraisal thinks " technology of key of industrialization of pumpkin deep treatment " 3 relevant achievement reach domestic banner level, among them " technology of key of industrialization of pumpkin polysaccharide extraction " achieve international advanced level.

"Technology of key of industrialization of pumpkin deep treatment " series achievement includes " technology of industrialization of pink of fast dissolve pumpkin studies " " technology of key of industrialization of pumpkin polysaccharide extraction " " pumpkin is planted seed oil and technology of development of industrialization of pumpkin seeds albumen " 3 parts content. The task begins to combine the need that characteristic of resource of our country pumpkin and pumpkin industry admit at that time from project approving, from produce resources is used effectively and profound treatment is nodded to basically be cut, begin corresponding research around contemporary food and trend of medical industry development cheek by jowl.

The grease in the solubility polysaccharide in pumpkin melon flesh, carotene and pumpkin seeds is in eyesight of diabetic prevention and cure, protection and maintain the respect such as prostate has very good dietetics value. The industrial product of current home pumpkin is given priority to with pumpkin pink, namely the thick product after pumpkin pulp classics smashs, basically export the nation such as Japan, Korea as raw material product. Treatment company of home has many 170, but the treatment technology that uses a convention mostly, product quality specific power consumption of not stable, production is tall it is the main factor that restricts development of pumpkin pink estate all the time.

Be aimed at the requirement of pumpkin industrialization, it is raw material with golden apple pumpkin, analysed pumpkin composition characteristic, decided the oar expects viscosity and influence of content of content of solubility solid form machine craft and pumpkin pink the main factor of fast dissolve effect, the method that adopts enzymatic solution controlled the viscosity that the oar expects effectively, optimized treatment craft, improved product quality. At the same time own research and development gives Lccau-1 of compound enzymatic preparation, reduced an oar to expect viscosity is mixed raised content of content of solubility solid form. On the foundation of coequal specific power consumption manufacturing efficiency raised 50 % , it is better to be in withheld product nutrition part while the fast dissolve result that improved a product effectively. According to calculating, this technology can make every tons of bright pumpkin increases benefit 2700 yuan, can be in the corresponding area such as Heilongjiang, Gansu Province, Heibei, Shandong, Zhejiang, Hunan, Fujian and Yunnan to popularize, synergism of the technical progress of industry of whole to driving pumpkin, agriculture and farmer send rich and principal port.
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