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Lack of diabetic health food governs the sensitive topic of flimsy crowd quality
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Nowadays, with " diabetic " for " advocate card games " health food without number. However, the expert admonishs broad patient: The diabetic health food that is these confused confusion faze is affecting the patient's health severely.

This year November 14 is diabetic day of the 16th world, the theme is " diabetic with flimsy crowd " . The data shows, in recent years the tendency that rate of our country diabetic sicken has year after year to rise, and patient age drops somewhat. Show according to the data, world of rate of growth of diabetic patient of current our country is ranked the 2nd, diabetic sicken rate is crowd of 35 years old of above 5.5 % , and with annual the number of about 1.2 million person rises, predict 2010, number of our country diabetic population will jump to 80 million to 100 million person. A diabetic serious harm depends on its complication, out of control of patient blood sugar may cause the consequence of big hemal pathological change, capillary pathological changes and nerve pathological changes. Appear the patient's heart, eye, kidney, nerve likely complication. This also is the main reason that causes patient life quality to drop. Data shows, every 30 seconds have the whole world because one person is diabetic and amputation. Accordingly, while many patients are being treated, still cast eye to health care is tasted, a few illegal businessmen seize the opportunity to be in this market make a profit in troubled situation.

As we have learned, at present the common diabetic health food on the market has 3 kinds big: It is prandial fiber kind wait like biscuit of pumpkin tea, rich fine; 2 it is to contain microelement kind, if aggrandizement is chromic milk powder, algal,wait; 3 it is the food that do not have candy, if do not have the crisp candy of candy, beverage,wait. Some businessmen with " pure Chinese traditional medicine " composition is nodded to sell, allege health food can rise to fall quickly the action of candy; Some still expresses to be able to cast off Western medicine even, need not control food. In addition, the conduct propaganda of give an extravagantly colourful description also attracts the customer of many unidentified truths. Many patients that had bought this kind of health food tell an expert on this propaganda, they because looked,these health food are being publicized in advertisement namely is Chinese traditional medicine composition, without side-effect and have fall apparently candy effect just buys.

To this, beijing University is diabetic division director Ji Linong expresses endocrine of hospital of people of central director, Beijing University: "Be in at present clinical on, chinese traditional medicine still confirms without clear evidence can fall quickly candy. " when Zhao Heng is accepting a reporter to interview, division director doctor also points out endocrine of hospital of Beijing University people why: "Health food is not should indicative those who have clear therapy effect, if had,belong to violate compasses. " our country " measure of health food government " specific also provision, health food department points to make clear the food that has function of specific health care. Namely appropriate at specific crowd edible, have adjust airframe function, do not be the food of the purpose in order to treat a disease.
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