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Content of extraction of white kidney bean can reduce weight to alleviate for th
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Can amyloid legume food also reduce weight? The China that the reporter holds from a few days ago (Shanghai) international nutrition health learns on forum of industrial exposition series, a kind from blame turn the amylaceous block that gene extracts in white kidney bean breaks an agent, already became " food reducing weight " familial Xin Ding, can be delicious starch kind alimental is fat alleviate with diabetic person " avoid certain food " suffering.

According to expert introduction, this kind of amylaceous block breaks agent name to be Phase2, can restrain α - the active of amylase, then block breaks human body to absorb starch kind the quantity of heat that food produces, with achieving the result that reduce weight. As we have learned, it is congener product in the first passes clinical test and verify, already arrived as application of additive agent for food at present in a variety of 500 products of world.

It is reported, this second forum changes by national hair appoint what belong to public nutrition and development center to wait sponsor, on the fair that holds with forum the corresponding period, exhibited domestic and international the product of health of more than kinds of 1000 nutrition of more than 150 manufacturer, among them many it is to land Shanghai first. For instance, the aggrandizement rice that Liaoning produces looks with different of common rice it doesn't matter, actually " lock " lived to shed drifting nutriment in rice treatment process.

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