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Uruguay wine goes the wine that do not have candy
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To competing intense wine market searchs an outlet, an Uruguay grapery is aimed at the diabetic with huge amount, brew does not have candy bishop one kind. Already had the 119 years of histories, Weinuosi De La Kelu that is located in South America llano this domestic grapery, have in view of diabetic population cruel add, the decision develops this rising market.

De La Kelusi is to be in when producing first wine that do not have candy 2002, discover this new market. The analysis that American lab checks shows, this kind of bishop does not contain any candy component. In the wine bucket that aerate, the natural candy in grape of yeasty and complete change is divided, turn it into wine. The expert believes, because candy cent did not get the chemical agent influence that other grapery uses,this is. Fermented when yeast 10% when, can be killed by chemical agent.

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