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Patient attention: Vigilant " fall candy health care is tasted " trap
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14 days are world diabetic day, it is playday, the propaganda with diabetic prevention and cure becomes street one scene. The reporter is in a strange phenomenon sees when the busy street road such as road of Chongqing road, red flag street, comrade street, great classics interviews: Those who publicize the medicines and chemical reagents with diabetic cure or knowledge of diabetic health care is very few, those who publicize diabetic health food is very much however.

Is health care tasted can you fall quickly blood sugar? 

Be in near red flag street inside a drugstore, all sorts of diabetic health food have more than 20 kinds. The reporter is worn to " white unlined long gown " the assistant seeks advice, say to want to buy some of diabetic health care to taste give a friend. The friend that hears of a reporter 50 come year old, it is firm diabetic, "White unlined long gown " recommended two kinds of health food enthusiasticly to the reporter, hand health care of two Zhang Jiang candy taste the reporter conduct propaganda is odd. On announce handbill, a kind of product says " diabetic person is taken commonly 3 can drop quickly, smoothly to 5 days of or so blood sugar " , another kind of product says it is normal that major patient takes 18 days of blood sugars to achieve. The reporter generated doubt, ask " white unlined long gown " : "Does health care taste the effect that compare drug to be returned? " " white unlined long gown " say: "This is new product. " say, be about to write down next reporters the phone of that friend, say to want to be contacted with him. The reporter says not to want to buy temporarily, left.

Eat health care to taste need not take medicine? 

Listen to report of friend of a reader to be tasted for health care together " some some some capsule " it is diabetic " terminator " , the reporter called the service hot line of this product. The reporter professes is a patient of branny make water, ask: "Is the product of your company medicines and chemical reagents or health care are tasted? " a lady there answers the phone: "It is health care is tasted, getting sales promotion now. " the reporter asks again: "Is the product that took you still used take medicine again? " that lady says: "Our product can fall already blood sugar can prevent diabetic complication again, the product that took us so you need not take medicine again. The product that took us so you need not take medicine again..

The doctor says: I never recommend health care to taste to the patient

"Often see or hear claim 2000 yuan can effect a radical cure diabetic advertisement, those are disloyal advertisement. Because diabetic the disease that belongs to lifelong cure, effect a radical cure impossibly. " province cure learns Lu Dan of diabetic institute vice director to mention disloyal advertisement is furious not oneself.

"I had recieved many patients that bring about hypoglycemia because of eating health care to taste in disorder. " Lu Dan says, after a patient takes some kind of health care to taste, blood sugar is only 2, within an inch of desertions life. The health care that she organizes personnel to be taken to this patient is tasted undertake composition is analysed, sulphur Niao is contained actually inside discovery kind fall candy medicine, if actor or actress,fall candy. "That is a kind of property of a medicine is very strong fall candy medicine, use to suiting the patient with extremely tall blood sugar only. " 
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