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5 kinds of health care taste cancel of Ministry of Public Health approval letter
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Dispatch of new wall bulletin (Jiang Ping of trainee of sunlight of reporter Yellow Sea) yesterday, ministry of Public Health is formal cancel include limited company of science and technology of Beijing Tong Chuntang biology " lozenge of mouth of balsam pear of Tong Chuntang card " ; Of limited company of science and technology of biology of Liaoning health great exploit " capsule of bitter Le Kang " ; Shandong is green because of medical industry of limited company " green because of lozenge of plain top of card the Tang Dynasty " ; Institute of health care of the medicine in hall of Beijing aid world, talk about trade of division of rubber of bee of urban green source limited company " capsule of glue of bee of green source of card of boat of aid world kind " with limited company of science and technology of Beijing Tang Kang biology " lifetime card Tang Leshu.

It is reported, these 5 kinds adjust hematic saccharide health food added chemical circumstance to undertake supervisory selectiving examination, discovery " lozenge of balsam pear mouth " these a few kinds of products contain Glenn armour Qin, Glenn peculiar, Glenn the chemical such as this Niao.

Armour Qin causes Glenn easily to spend the harmful response such as giddy, disgusting, vomiting, diarrhoea gently, peculiar and common side-effect has Glenn bellyacke, disgusting, dizziness and rash, this Niao dosage can send Glenn too hypoglycemia, diabetic sex is insensible.

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