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Small assortment vitamin has value of significant health protection, market pros
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Mention vitamin, a lot of people can associate to E of vitamin C, vitamin and β immediately the vitamin of great variety of 10 thousand tons of class such as carotene. Really, at present international medicine market already entered " new vitamin times " . Be in the United States, the vitamin already rose in be health food the biggest kind of product. Industry of American health food year use up all sorts of vitamin raw material to be as high as 20 much dollars. But after entering 21 centuries, except VC, VE, β a large amount of vitamins such as carotene continue to sell well outside the international market, what study as life science in last few years is ceaseless and thorough, the scientist already discovered the value of significant health protection of a lot of small assortment vitamins that do not take seriously formerly for the person, added to be developed of health food market further thereby " aftereffect " . The effect that shows vitamin of will main small assortment and market condition introduce as follows to the point.

Folic acid: With the baby " become attached to "

Folic acid belongs to vitamin of B a group of things with common features, it is extensive in consist in greenery (include vegetable) . Science considers to make clear: The woman is in gravid head is like the lack inside body inside 3 months folic acid can cause growth of fetal god be in charge of unusual, without the head crack with rachis wait for monster. And folic acid of the lack in infant food can bring about cerebral cell stunt. So a lot of countries already labelled folic acid legal additive agent for food. Newest research makes clear: One of folic acid ramification " 4 hydrogen folic acid is calcic " still have precaution senile and gawkish action. Folic acid because dosage is less, incident is current output of global folic acid is only 500 tons or so, but it is better that its develop prospect.

Tomato red element: Mad fast development

Tomato red element basically comes from tomato (at present product of city carry out is tasted with artificial synthesis be in the majority) , belong to " kind carotene " material. Go up oneself century since 90 time, the sanitarian action of tomato red element begins to be taken seriously. Scientist its reduce 1, precautionary hypertrophy of the prostate, prostate cancer (be known as a man in foreign tomato red element " healthy Palladium " ) 2, fall hematic fat; 3, precautionary breast cancer. In addition, it still has fight the action of important physiology active such as oxidation, diminish inflammation. Because tomato red element belongs to GRAS (accepted the natural material that is safety) , leap of wastage of red element of tomato of eye preexistence bound, crop already exceeded kiloton, development momentum is spectacular.

Vitamin B12: "Old " breed is not old

Vitamin B12 is old product of a vitamin actually, just be in in a few years its dosage is not much in the past. In recent years medical researcher discovers: Old people lacks VB12 for a long time to be able to cause system inside a kind the name is " with model half Guang ammonia is acerbity " of physiology material elevatory, cause finally apoplectic or cardiac muscle stalk is dead. Conversely not easy and apoplectic. So, door of American Ministry of Public Health already recommended VB12 for old people must additional one of element of 3 big nutrition (element of nutrition of 2 kinds of old people is other calcium is qualitative with vitamin D) .
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