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Action of medlar polysaccharide pharmacodynamics considers to make progress
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Medlar is the mature fructification of medlar of eggplant division plant, contain acid of sulphur of a variety of medlar polysaccharide, amino acid, microelement, vitamin, ox, alkaloid, naphtha to wait for chemical composition. Have nourishing liver kidney, profit sharp aim effect, contemporary and clinical use extensively at reducing hematic fat blood sugar, protect liver, fight tumor, fight consenescence to wait. Think commonly, its are main active ingredient is medlar polysaccharide (LBP) . In recent years, the researcher departs from inside LBP rarefied get the medlar candy peptide with 5 immunity stronger active (abbreviation LbGp) . Will reach clinical applying domestic and internationally to study progress is summarized as follows with respect to the pharmacodynamics of medlar polysaccharide in recent years now.

■ the action that protect liver

The experiment considers to make clear, LBP can make the third ammonia of be caused by of 4 chloridize carbon acerbity amino move is enzymatic (ALT) lifts the value is reduced apparently, make the liver cell fat of the aged small rat has pledged oxidation is reduced, LBP has protective effect to injury of experimental sex liver. LBP still can make suffer electrical shock for a long time to add illuminate of ray of small dose γ in May age small rat is lienal with oar of cerebral divide evenly total fat level and blank contrast the group is adjacent, make fat of oar of lienal divide evenly crosses oxide character at the same time (MAD) content is reduced significantly. Show LBP can pass the damage that prevents endoplasm net, promote protein synthesis, have alexipharmic effect, the function of recoverable liver cell, stimulative liver rejuvenesce, the liver loss that causes to 4 chloridize carbon has favorable repair effect. Jilin medlar thick polysaccharide can reduce liver to organize medium third 2 aldehyde content, make liver of 4 chloridize carbon injures small rat glycogen yuan content is remarkable and elevatory, increase the energy reserve of airframe. Investigator introduces alcohol drink (alcohol chroma % of 5 % ~40, eventually chroma 40 % , give 29 weeks in all) model of ill bandicoot of liver of duplicate alcohol sex, divide randomly in bandicoot of 25 Zhou Shi general for model group, the group of LBP prevention and cure of two kinds of dosage (250 milligram / kilogram and 1000 milligram / kilogram) , observe below smooth lens and electric lens morphology is changed. Compare with model group appearance, LBP group morphology is improved apparently, large dose group (1000 milligram / kilogram) the effect more actor. The configuration that LBP can improve put oneself in another's position of bead of line of ill model of liver of bandicoot alcohol sex, adipose denaturation that reduces liver cell and inflammation are necrotic degree. Through determining ammonia of third of domestic hare serum is acerbity amino move is enzymatic (ALT) active result makes clear, medlar has the effect that restrains ALT of alcohol be caused by to lift apparently, drink to large dose the liver loss that cause has protective effect.
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