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Diabetic should treat how?
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Diabetic one of main diseases that already made health of mankind of 21 centuries menace, because of,be in beside us diabetic the appearance that causes amputation, blindness, kidney failure cans be found everywhere, and because the patient is right,all these is diabetic ignorance. Accordingly, the world is diabetic 1999 allied " ignorant cost " it is working theme certainly, decided treat an end diabeticly at present, the remedial error of remedy and existence.

Remedial purpose

Treating diabetic end is prevent and eliminate complication. Such ability resemble normal person same, rise live quality.


1, food: Controlling food is diabetic cure essential, at present the mankind has not found the remedial way that need not control food. 2, motion: Reasonable motion not only OK and able-bodied physique, can promote blood sugar metabolization more, raise pancreas islet cell and the active of cell accepting put oneself in another's position, achieve smooth blood sugar. 3, mood: Maintain gentle state of mind, those who reduce mood wave motion to be helpful for blood sugar and blood pressure is smooth. 4, medicaments: While wardmate is dominating blood sugar, more important is to adopt all measure to protect blood vessel, repair nerve and each implement dirty. 5, monitor: Wardmate should monitor blood sugar regularly, undertake to the illness accurate evaluate, adjust correctly in order to make.

Remedial error

1, the understanding error to the disease: Diabetic it is a kind of lifelong disease, medical bound had be notted find effect a radical cure method. Wardmate do not believe " diabetic can effect a radical cure " pseudoscience, avoid economy to suffer lose, miss optimal treatment opportunity. 2, the understanding error to the illness: A lot of patients are right " three little " , "Eyesight is ambiguous " , "Coma of hands or feet " , "Skin Sao is urticant " , "Gastric bowel function is disorder " wait for complication to take seriously not quite, final development is blindness, amputation, kidney failure, when the serious complication such as uremia, just suddenly be enlightened is regretful. 3, to falling the understanding error of candy medicine: Patient of tall blood sugar, use fall candy medicine falls blood sugar as soon as possible, it is very correct. But fall candy medicine is treating complication field helpless however, so wardmate is in fall candy while, should take effective measures actively to prevent and cure complication.

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