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Bee emperor oar falls hematic fat moves blood sugar
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Bee emperor oar is the fluid of shape of a kind of serum that gland of worker bee pharynx secretes. This liquid is empress of the bee that feed raise and the food of young bee and nourishment. It is the egg that bee emperor produces likewise, want whole growth period to feed bee emperor oar only, need 16 days only can development is become bigger than worker bee after severalfold bee. Bee empress compares worker not merely big severalfold, and produce the egg below to exceed oneself weight everyday, life is 50 times longer than worker bee the left and right sides, it is the strange accomplishment of nature.

Bee emperor oar contains a variety of a variety of protein, amino acid, a variety of vitamins, a variety of acid kind, a variety of fat kind, a variety of alcohol kind be like dextrose with carbohydrate, fructose rich natural nutrient component. In 24 kinds of when need with human body place amino acid, bee emperor oar contains 16 kinds of above. The research of many sided makes clear, the effectiveness of bee emperor oar originates the existence with the rare qualitative germicide fighting cancer in a kind of nature, say for 10 - HDA (bee emperor is acerbity) . The natural treasure that bee emperor oar can say is health of human Laiyi nutrition is tasted.

Fall hematic fat and fall cholesterol: The age that becomes a person grows gradually, arterial wall is met stockpile cholesterol or neutral are adipose, calcic qualitative meeting increases, arterial meeting lacks flexibility, more inflexible. Accordingly hemal wall can become narrow, blood is current not smooth. This kind of situation says for arteriosclerosis. It is OK that every solar eclipse uses the 50 bee emperor starches to 100 milligrams reduce the cholesterol of human body and hematic fat 14% reach 10% .

Adjust blood sugar: Diabetic because pancreas dirty place secretes insulin inadequacy,be, and send blood sugar value to lift. Bee emperor oar contains kind of insulin, can complement its are insufficient. Take bee emperor starch for a long time, but cell of repair pancreas islet, conduce pancreas restores health. But want to notice, diabetic should treat continuously, take bee emperor oar to be able to make the illness has turned only, the root cause of illness or trouble of impossible purify.

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