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Food falls candy does not have scientific basis
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To a variety of " such-and-such food can reduce blood sugar, bring good news to the diabetic! " the advertisement of and so on, beijing assist learn Beijing branch with cure of vice director of hospital nutrition division, China Yu Kang of committee member of vice director of clinical nutrition institute expresses clearly to the reporter, so far, the evidence that still does not have enough high strength shows which kinds of food can reduce blood sugar. Food falls blood sugar, without scientific basis!

At the doctor the explanation says, if eating thing contains quantity of heat, with respect to can elevatory blood sugar, just lift the strength of blood sugar and speed differ, but did not discover which kinds of food can reduce blood sugar up to now, can say only " some kind of food is elevatory the ability of blood sugar is weaker (blood sugar index is inferior) " . What publicize on market is alleged " the food that can drop blood sugar " or " contain in food certain fall candy composition " , not was in at present clinical on win strong support, existing a few " research " still exist in the respect such as target of research design, research, methodology a lot of problem, its are worth deliberate as a result. And cannot popularize human body simply as a result to the research of the animal, the data that obtains in healthy crowd also cannot be used on diabetic body directly, individual case of illness also is not had representative.

Startling is, have a story a few alleged " the food that can drop blood sugar " in, joined actually fall candy medicaments. Tell a reporter at the doctor, this is the deceit to the patient not only, more important is the dangerous sex with very large presence, if the patient falls in profess to convinced candy medicine while, still eating these to add fall of candy medicaments " food " , the patient often can appear hypoglycemia, serious still can produce hypoglycemia insensible die even.

At doctor calm bear: Medical bound remains really at doing more thorough research to food, especially food adjusts effect to what blood sugar blame medications, the disease control of this pair of diabetic people still is very significant. He says, everybody hopes to be able to find a safety effective " food falls candy way " , but very regretful, had not found at present.  

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