China the hardest hit as diabetes turning point in advance to 30-year-old
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20th of this month by the Bureau of Disease Control Ministry of Health, jointly organized by Chinese Preventive Medical Association, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Company Limited, one of the "Build the road to health" national grass-roots diabetes prevention and control health promotion project in Beijing. Conference to announce the latest status report of diabetes: young diabetic patients in China, the rapid growth of the inflection point has been advanced to 30 years old, while the lack of primary care doctors are You Sancheng diabetes knowledge. To this end, the experts pointed out that strengthening primary care prevention and treatment, reduce the incidence of grass-roots citizens group, without delay. Become the world's hardest hit by diabetes International Diabetes Federation data showed that the new year with diabetes worldwide reached 600 million, 300 million people each year die of diabetes and related complications. China's annual increase of about 1.25 million with diabetes, International Diabetes Federation announced that China this year reached 92 million with diabetes, more than India to become the world's largest diabetes-stricken area. Beijing Union Medical College Hospital Diabetes Center Director Xiao Xinhua, said the prevalence of diabetes is increasing year by year, and growing at an alarming rate. "2007,2008 diabetes epidemic, the national survey, our diabetes population grew by 9.7%. In particular large cities, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, the prevalence of diabetes is as high as 10%, which means one out of every ten patients with diabetes, the incidence rate is very high. " Diabetes "turning point" in advance to 30-year-old Xiao Xinhua said China the prevalence of diabetes, there is a very important feature, "Past data show that 40-year-old is a turning point, after 40 years, diabetes prevalence will increase dramatically. But this new survey found that diabetes, The turning point in advance to 30 years old, the prevalence of diabetes after age 30 began to increase sharply, indicating that more and more younger patients with diabetes. " Xiao Xinhua said in the past developed diabetes prevalence was significantly higher than in rural cities, but the survey found that the prevalence in rural areas has also increased dramatically, "pre-diabetes in rural areas than urban populations, primary diabetes prevention task very serious. " In addition to other high incidence, prevention and treatment of diabetes is not optimistic, "the survey shows that patients know they have diabetes only You Sicheng. The patients have been treated, 60% did not meet treatment standards." Diagnosis and treatment of the three into a lack of knowledge of primary care doctors Chinese Diabetes Society survey on primary care physicians showed that nearly thirty percent of our grass-roots diabetes doctors relative lack of knowledge, "a lot of people do not understand the risk factors of diabetes and complications related to the control of knowledge, there are some symptoms of diabetes can not be made primary care doctors diagnosis, do not understand the causes and prevention measures. " Xiao Xinhua said that the low level of primary health care in addition to other grass-roots economic burden of patients with diabetes to overcome the weight is also a "stumbling block." "The more developed regions, the treatment of diabetes, the proportion of costs accounted for the higher per capita income, so that patients are unwilling to accept long-term and effective treatment."