Drink milk to you can be prevented diabetic?
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Abroad considers that he cannot be copied blindly

Fujian medical university is accessary Yang Liyong of scientific research of endocrine of the first hospital

Recently, england " epidemiology and communal sanitation " the magazine has an article to point out, a newest research shows, the milk that drinks 560 milliliter left and right sides everyday can reduce the male to suffer from diabetic odds greatly, and of the United States " diabetic nurse " the research of communal and wholesome institute also shows the Ha Fo that the magazine publishs, the female absorbs low fat dairy produce to be able to be reduced more 2 model diabetic incidence of a disease. These messages, to the diabetic, can cause really not small shake: Drink milk to you can prevent really diabetic?

The fact is not such, because, to crowd of diabetic tall danger cannot one-sided ground emphasizes some alimental preventing effect, the research that also cannot follow suit to go after abroad one-sidedly will change diet, ought to examine the quantity of heat that oneself absorb one day in the round, wait like adipose, protein, choose different prandial structure and medicaments according to his circumstance, and cooperate proper motion even, such ability achieve precautionary effect truly, won't have the result with positive obverse side not only otherwise, still can increase the odds with candy disorder metabolization. Chinese dweller nutrition and healthy state findings report pointed out 2002 adipose absorb increase make quantity of heat excess, it is to cause fat of fat, blood unusual reach diabetic main reason. Content of the carbohydrate in food and diabetic incidence of a disease show negative to close: Offer photograph of the person that can compare <55% to compare with carbohydrate, carbohydrate is in for can be being compared the crowd between 55%~65% is diabetic decrease 12% .

Current, home has not been aimed at milk technically to whether can prevent the research of sugar make water, asian with European to the absorption of milk the effect also is different, whether does such conclusion suit crowd of our country diabetic Gao Wei or unknown.

To tall danger crowd, if this day of blood sugar is controlled very steadily, amylaceous, adipose, protein intake is enough also, do not face in the late evening painstakingly before sleeping, go drinking milk.

Those who need an attention is, to tall danger crowd or diabetic, must control oneself illness in the round, cannot extravagant hopes relies on some type thing to be able to fall only candy, diabetic precaution and cure want reach every aspect of a matter of be particular about, it is highbrow that one-sided emphasizes some aspect.

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