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Lanzhou daily dispatch (reporter Liu Xiaofang) diabetic, osteoporosis and gout, although these are the common diseases in the life, but people is little however to their understanding little. Actually, they have a common name -- , metabolization sex disease. The expert says, metabolization disease learns is a burgeoning course, covered candy metabolization is unusual those who cause is diabetic, bone suppression is unusual caused osteoporosis and purine metabolization are unusual the gout that cause. Those who make an expert careladen is, the riches and honour of these modern is ill, however because of its " incidence of a disease is tall, witting lead rate seeing a doctor is low, low " , those who become people health " aeriform killer " .

Come on related to a lot of element

Current, diabetic of the Gansu Province (blood sugar value is more than or be equal to 7) already amounted to 1 million person, among them Lanzhou urban district 180 thousand person, sicken rate already developed current 4.2 % by the 7 ‰ 1979, additionally 1 million person is in diabetic margin level (blood sugar value is in 6.1 to 6.9 between) . Diabetic appearing go out to be accelerated in rural course, young turn a tide. Division director Liu Jing tells endocrine of province people hospital the reporter, what we indicate is diabetic basically be Ⅱ model diabetic, be metabolize with candy unusual the disease of systemic metabolization sex that is main mark, its come on wait for element be closely bound up with environment, heredity and immunity. Environmental element includes food, motion and psychology to wait, genetic element points to the familial medical history that whether has the disease such as fat of diabetic, hypertensive, tall blood, and immune element is oneself adjustment function disorder, impossible to defend effectively.

It is diabetic not only, a lot of metabolization disease such as osteoporosis and gout have very big concern with the habits and customs of people. The osteoporosis has the branch that sends gender and afterwards hair sex formerly. The former osteoporosis that send a gender is the character of sex of a kind of metabolization that produces as the growth of the age ill, osteoporosis of afterwards hair sex is the osteoporosis that induces as a result of other disease or medicaments. Terrible is, as a result of prandial unreasonable, insolation is not enough, lack takes exercise wait for a reason, cause osteoporosis incidence of a disease to achieve 10 % to come in 35 years old of the following black prime of life 20 % .

Gout belongs to disease of sex of a kind of metabolization, because purine decompensation causes its metabolization production,be -- , uric acid is inside human body blood the disease of chroma heighten be caused by. This disease and food, habits and customs is concerned closely, much as a result of surfeit seafood, many drinking place is caused.

The consciousness that prevent disease needs to rise

Liu Jing says, should understand more to diabetic knowledge a bit, to its the harm understands more a bit, to its measure of prevention and cure understands more a bit. This is a foundation, understand more diabetic knowledge only, ability is far from diabetic. Diabetic have not at other disease, a lot of moment do not have a symptom, alleged " three little " (much make water, much drink, much feed, weight decreases) already was when be late already, because this wants as soon as possible,check regularly. Eat less to ran oneself mouth, especially quantity of heat the food with the tall or high volume that contain sugar, absorbed total quantity of heat wants little. Stride double leg to join campaign, maintain certain carry momentum. Good state of mind has positive effect to diabetic precaution, all sorts of psychology are lopsided can farther aggravating insulin is counteractive, make diabetic happening.
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