Prevent diabetic newest plan
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2 model diabetic (T2DM) already made global epidemic disease, the incidence of a disease of our country is higher and higher also. Its life to the patient (decrease birthday on average 12 ~ 14 years) reached life quality to cause very big damage, and economic defray and cure keep expenditure great also. Accordingly, to T2DM precaution is given priority to, "Go to work is treated not ill " , it is the communal and wholesome problem of a first consideration. International is diabetic in May 2007 allied (IDF) gained consensus, offer newest precautionary program, be worth reference very much.
Produce the ingredient of T2DM
Can divide reach to cannot be changed changeable two kinds. If the person that cannot change is phyletic (gene) , have familial history, the age, sexual distinction. Changeable element has: Overweight reach fat, metabolization to be asked for integratedly (hypertensive, tall triglyceride and lipoprotein of low high density) etc. The end that should dominate changeable critical factor has two shares: It is to produce crowd of T2DM Gao Wei; 2 it is whole people.
To the precautionary measures of tall danger crowd
IDF offers 3 paces plan. Is the first pace to decide who is tall danger crowd? Usable questionnaire is measured oneself. Content has: Fat, abdominal circumference (Chinese male > 90 centimeters, female > 80 centimeters) , age ≥ is 35 years old, tall blood sugar is familial history, hypertensive or heart medical history, gravid diabetic history, activity of force of every celestial bodies and eat vegetable fruit to whether amount to mark, had used certain drug (if candy is coriaceous hormone, nicotinic acid, thyroid element, fight chlorpromazine) etc. If make component very tall, it is tall danger crowd possibly namely.
The 2nd pace protects personnel to measure blood sugar by cure (make candy of profess to convinced be able to bear or endure when necessary the quantity experiments) , fat of weight index, waistline, blood pressure, blood and detailed medical history.
The 3rd pace precautionary measures, basically be to improve way of life. Include: ① is decreased heavy (1 kilogram of 0.5 ~ / week) , eliminate fat, especially abdomen is fat; Spend in ② be restricted food heats up card (reduce 500 ~ about 1000 kilocalorie) ; ③ is restricted adipose, especially saturated and adipose; ④ increases manual activity (in if go quickly at least 30 minutes,spend an activity / day) ; ⑤ controls monose (index of food blood sugar is high person) .
Do the person that be less than lifestyle improvement or short of to reduce heavy goal really, can consider to add with 2 armour double guanidine 850 milligram of 250 ~ , 2/ day. Also can consider to add candy glucoside enzymatic depressor or Glenn ketone (if Luo Ge lists ketone) , but should consider its side effect.
To the precautionary measures of whole people
Improve the health of major people, government should measure of in a planned way. And give birth to an orgnaization to defending not simply, still answer the branch such as the school, community, industry, municipal construction to have a demand. Want to nutrient health is taught to the school for example, strengthen sports activity. Be like the body building of the whole people of our country. To food the requirement has nutrient composition ticket, limitation is saturated and adipose the scale in cooking oil, limitation returns form adipose the application in food industry, advertisement of severe careful food. Driveway of open up proper motion is like in municipal construction, encourage reach by bicycle on foot, increase facilities of sports of the whole people to wait. Some jobs should allocate funds reach legislation. To media (the press, TV and broadcast) the demand improves knowledge of fitness of the whole people and arouse enter body building.
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