Drink milk to be able to reduce the male to have diabetic risk
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Will report on July 16 according to the BBC, a of England newest research shows, drink one pint milk to be able to reduce the male to suffer from greatly everyday diabetic the opportunity with heart disease. This research is published in " epidemiology and communal sanitation " on the magazine.

The researcher of the husband university that England adds is the male that reachs 59 years old in 45 years old to 2375 ages undertook study to reach of afore-mentioned conclusion. According to introducing, in 20 years of in the past, researcher investigates questionnaire and weekly food diary to evaluate these males to absorb the amount of milk through food. The beginning that studying level, the risk that the 15% people that have metabolization to be asked for integratedly contract heart disease of coronary artery sex is 2 times of the person that metabolization signs integratedly more nonexistent almost, having diabetic risk is 4 times latter. But researcher discovery, if the male drinks one pint or more milk everyday, the risk that they have metabolization to be asked for integratedly decreased 62% . If they have the law eat other dairy products, the risk that contracts this kind of disease may decrease 56% . The dairy produce that the man takes is more, the possibility that they have metabolization to be asked for integratedly is smaller.

The leader those of this research gets · dust Professor Wood to express, in 25 years when go in England, people absorbs the quantity of milk to show linear downtrend all the time, but the one part that dairy produce is healthy diet, we should encourage people edible dairy produce.

The healthy and advisory Jiema Edwards of diabetic charitable organization says England: "The result of this research is absorbing, dairy produce is the main component of health and balanced diet, we should encourage people everyday purposeful edible 2 to dairy produce of 3 low fat. One is equivalent to the cheese of cheese of yoghurt of 1/3 pint milk, one caddy or size of a matchbox. Carry healthy weight through food and motion, crucial to reducing Ⅱ diabetic risk. Crucial to reducing Ⅱ diabetic risk..

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