White-collar candy friend is jumped over along He Yue much
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In the impression of many people, the age of candy friend is to slant both ends, 2 model diabetic give priority to with the old person, 1 model diabetic give priority to with the child, but diabetic epidemiology investigation shows dweller of a when Shanghai sanitation branch announces large-scale community, young white-collar comes on the tendency that has increase, already became a diabetic " reserve " .

Go to work to work desperately, will order quick meal midday, come home can rest, to many young white-collars, go round and round of this kind of condition, the high fever of enormous pressure of the job, snack measures the food, way of life that does not move, not only let them become fat, and what can bring about endocrine is disorder, become cause diabetic critical factor. Visible, change these undesirable way of life only, ability leaves fat and 2 model diabetic a bit more farther.

Firm discovery is diabetic, besides take medicine, food and motion are the main factor that controls blood sugar wave motion, increase carry momentum not to calculate tickler to be fond of the youth that move, and dietary control is good to appetite, meal generous youth has really some embarrassed, commanding dietary stage at first especially, hungry sense will be very clear, almost the afflictive feeling that everybody experiences empty stomach to rumble.

Right now, young candy friend had better adjust dietary structure, have certain help to reducing hunger to feel. Might as well the food that eats low heat energy, high volume more, like cucumber, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, spinach, wax gourd, pumpkin and sea alga, worry mushroom kind, bean curd; Choose thick food grains other than wheat and rice to replace flour and rice more, wait like noodle of steamed bread of face of buckwheat flour, corn, food grains other than wheat and rice. In addition, a bowl of vegetable eats first before can dining every time, in order to add full abdomen touch, next reentry is prandial, from clinical on look, adjust through this kind, the cure that increases period of time, the illness gets ameliorative, hungry feeling can be reduced subsequently.

Besides total quantity of heat of daily and prandial control, young candy friend still can choose the food with a few strong specific aim, if element of red bean of white hyacinth bean, bitter Qiao, Job's tears benevolence, buckwheat, yam, bare, carapace, low ester is pectic, content of extraction of content of extraction of alga of tea much phenol, helix, cacti, balsam pear, these material contain a lot ofa variety of material of need of diabetic person place and nutrient composition, have at the same time digest absorb the hypoglycemia with slow and fast metabolization to make an index, because contain a lot ofstickiness fiber, still can overcome hungry feeling, can satiate, reduce the wave motion of blood sugar.

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