Wintry spring gives birth to knot to not forget to check blood sugar
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Xia Qiu gives birth to knot on seasonal person (folliculitis) this is common, but some people give birth to knot repeatedly all the year round, this disappear the other party is chief, also can give birth to a furuncle in wintry spring section especially. Consider as to this somebody " suffer from excessive internal heat " , return some the person thinks is to did not bathe, the cause with dirty skin, be not actually completely such.

If a person turns over resurgent furuncle, be in especially wintry spring section, should want to be checked to the hospital check blood sugar and uric candy, because diabetic person suffers from knot easily.

Diabetic factitious what can suffer from knot?

Diabetic it is a kind of endocrine -- , metabolization is disorder sexual disease, main reason is the opposite or absolutely inadequacy of the insulin inside body, cause blood sugar and uric candy heighten, many candy from the eduction in make water, friend says for diabetic.

Insulin has the effect that accelerates protein of amino acerbity synthesis, diabetic person secretes inadequacy as a result of insulin, protein anabolic consequently abate, and catabolism increases, many amino acid from the eduction in make water (eduction quantity compares normal person tower above 4, 10 times) . Appear negative nitrogen balance, make the patient's resistance is reduced, contract infection of bacterium, fungus easily consequently, this is the reason with swollen furuncle of diabetic person Yi Sheng.

Accordingly, give birth to the patient with swollen furuncle to relapsing, appear in the wintry spring section with furuncle swollen inferior occurence rate especially, want to go to a hospital checking blood sugar and uric candy, looked to suffer from diabetic. If diagnose was to suffer from diabetic, be about to have treatment in time, only diabetic get controlling, cutaneous affects ability to get control and be curinged.

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