Peaceful diabetic occupies population 5%
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Molage of undersecretary of electric Thailand Ministry of Public Health will express our newspaper Bangkok a few days ago on July 6, diabetic had made one of diseases with the commonnest Thailand. At present the whole nation shares a diabetic 300 beyond, 5% what approximate countrywide total population. The country is used every year at treating diabetic charge to be as high as an ancient unit of weight of 80 billion peaceful (add up to) of 2.5 billion dollar about, become the economic burden with heavy government.

Molage expresses, diabetic making cosmopolitan disease, cause kidney failure and cardiovascular disease very easily. Occupy World Health Organization forecast, diabetic person will reach the whole world 2030 366 million. At present peaceful whole nation had 2 million diabetic to join program of insurance of national medical treatment about. Peaceful Ministry of Public Health still will establish diabetic special medical treatment to be sure to plan, undertake popularizing inside countrywide limits.

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