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Bangkok of China News Service on July 7 report (reporter Jiang Yu) China is current the diabetic has 50 million, 1/5 what hold sum total of world diabetic crowd, sicken rate resides the world after India the 2nd, and increase with the speed of at least 3000 people everyday. Predict number of Chinese diabetic population will be added two years to 80 million to 100 million people. And arrive two years, diabetic of southeast Asia area also will from two years 47 million add to -707379968.
American diabetic association and its partner Sai Nuofei -- Anmote holds seminar of Asia-Pacific area diabetic learning in Thailand Bangkok today, relevant expert leaked afore-mentioned information on the seminar. Science of American diabetic association is in charge of Dr. Richard Kane to say, arrive two years, in 10 countries with the most diabetic on the world, will 7 are located in an Asia, include India, China, Indonesia, Japan to wait among them.
Yang Wenying of professor of Sino-Japanese and friendly hospital weighs chairman of Chinese diabetic institute, Beijing, developing country diabetic improves as economy and increase, be in China, at present the diabetic grows considerably than 90 time metaphase.
American diabetic association is on this seminar, rolled out first be based on diabetic patient a series of long-term and effective research are recommended for remedial guideline of the foundation, namely: Fall in profess to convinced the circumstance of uncontrollable blood sugar issues candy medicine, "Add with fundamental insulin " , with effective control blood sugar is mixed reduce complication.

Expert of medicine of each country attending the meeting expresses, this is the guideline of clinical practice cure that has milepost sense.

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