Simple model is forecasted middleaged diabetic
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Medical space ( on June 18 message, the basis is published in the research result of Archives Of Internal Medicine, fat, element of risk of other heart and vessels and suffer from diabetic parents to be able to be forecasted middleaged 2 model diabetic development.

"Have can define hairstyle to be able to help guidance, "Doctoral article those gets Wilson 6, college of medicine of the university in dust silent, atlanta and colleague are written. "Detailed rules is forecasted 2 model diabetic had made, but the most efficient way that lacks consensus. But the most efficient way that lacks consensus..

"If have,come on clearly to chronic forecast diabeticly, can help the development of policy of direct intervention health, "Atlanta Peter W of college of medicine of the university in dust silent. F. Dr. Wilson and its work in the same placing are written. "Had made at present forecast 2 model diabetic regulation, but effective to great majority method lacks consistency opinion. But effective to great majority method lacks consistency opinion..

In current research, researcher is in 3, what 140 average ages are 54 years old is middleaged it is dangerous that in sufferring the person that try, 7 years of diabetic happening estimated, great majority suffers the person that try to overweight, but not be fat, and of 12.7% suffer the person that try to begin to have candy to be able to bear or endure namely in research quantity bring down, blood sugar of " of clew " diabetic van adjusts unusual.

Appear in all 160 new hair 2 model diabetic. According to many parameter, research group was developed 2 model forecast a model diabeticly, begin simple, progress to be older complex rate.

They begin with individual model, apply every to suffer the person that try all foregone feature (the age, sexual distinction, weight, height and parents are diabetic history) .

They developed a kind of clinical model, add detect the method is like metabolization syndrome character. Metabolization is asked for integratedly is one group includes to overweight or fat, the pathology circumstance of hypertension and high cholesterol, if the risk of the heart attack increases,its produce cardiovascular disease.

Finally, the researcher develops complex clinical model to include all elements before to impose a series of tests, if dextrose of the profess to convinced after 2 hours is able to bear or endure,level of albumen of reaction of quantity experiment, hollow insulin, C- is mixed index of Gutt insulin sensitivity.

Individual model is variable besides sexual distinction, the others all can be forecasted significantly 2 model diabetic, researcher report. In simple and clinical model parents is diabetic history and fat still be forecast an element significantly.

Complex and clinical model did not offer the further improvement that forecasts diabetic risk.

"We discover, complex model does not need to forecast 2 model diabetic, typical and clinical data seeing a doctor can be promoted 2 model forecast diabeticly, and exceeded the individual understanding to diabetic critical factor, "The group of Wilson's concludes. "The simple and clinical model that we develop should undertake detecting in other crowd with test and verify our method, no less than already to incident of coronary artery heart like forecasting. No less than already to incident of coronary artery heart like forecasting..
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