Do housework to be able to prevent diabetic
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Australia studies the result makes clear, do housework to be able to reduce level of human body blood sugar more, reduce meet with to have the risk of diabetic, heart disease thereby.

Occupy Afp 13 days to report, this studies by Melbourne international the institute combines diabetic institute and health of population of Kun Shilan university finish. Healy says · of Fu of dimension of accept of auspicious of researcher of Kun Shilan college, although do daily household duties to cannot replace what authoritative orgnaization recommends to exercise 30 minutes everyday, but low strong
Spend motion and hypoglycemia level to concern. Study the result shows before, tall blood sugar and disease of diabetic, heart and vessels are concerned.

"Do some of low intensity activity, if wash clothes, iron the garment, fold the garment, perhaps take a walk, have profit to reducing blood sugar level. " Healy says.

Researcher gives volunteer of 173 men and womens one week to measure blood sugar level continuously, discover next, they every do chore 1 hour, blood sugar level can fall 0.2.

Healy says, research proves to do housework to have profit as a result, but people also should not abandon in of high strenth take exercise. She returns a proposal, people should replace sedentary habit with low intensity motion, like when calling, can stand up, is not to sitting to hit.

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