The Madagascar has 1.2 million diabetics about
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Fight diabetic association according to the Madagascar (AMADIA) census result, the equestrian compatriots mouth of about 7% namely 1.2 million person suffers from diabetic. Because cost is high, diabetic detect the method can be carried out in Ma Guocheng city only at present. A lot of diabetics are not Ma Guo person place knows and patient itself also does not understand his state.

The Madagascar fights diabetic association to have 20 thousand members in the whole nation at present. Of this association " diabetic home " main activity is checked for case of illness, offer education of knowledge of information, pathology to wait.

According to statistic, at present the whole world has 246 million person to sufferring diabetic anguish about, and this number after 20 years will increase to 380 million. The patient age of close half the number is in 40-59 year old between.

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