Be careful " gas " piece diabetic!
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Diabetic also can " gas " come out? You are not believed, have research discovery, undesirable mood and mental element also are diabetic important cause disease " prime criminal " .

Be in the mood such as nervous, angst, fear or sweat from every pore sweat from every pore when the person when, can restrain insulin to secrete, suffer undesirable mood effect for a long time, the tendency that can make insulin secretes inadequacy is secured finally, bring about then diabetic.

Although not be everybody,can cause because of undesirable mood diabetic, but undesirable mood element is secreted to insulin

influence, the old people in be opposite is more obvious. Additional, also not be general undesirable sentiment can be brought about diabetic, only this kind of mood relapses exciting, permanent effect at airframe, just cause likely diabetic.

Same argument, the undesirable mood such as nervous, angst, huffish, scared, alone, despair, can make diabetic person patient's condition relapses or aggravating. Diabetic person should put wide mental state. Should appear angst, depressed wait for a mood hard when untangle, answer to look for specialized subject doctor in time to see a doctor, prevent aggravating patient's condition.

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