Hidebound rat darling has rat mother easily diabetic
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The researcher of university of electric Japan Kobe will pass xinhua net Beijing on June 3 mouse experiment discovery, the pancreas dirty cell that the offspring that hidebound experimental rat is delivered of secretes insulin slants little, have diabetic risk bigger.

Occupy Japanese media 3 days to report, researcher is pregnant in experimental rat the 70 % that later period gives them to offer normal appetite only, the average weight when bringing about its offspring to be born is normaller rat of new student experiment is low 19 % . Rat of normal new student experiment secretes the quantity of cell of tower of pancreas dirty shellfish of insulin to occupy the 1 of gross of pancreas dirty cell. 4 % , and 0 what quantity of hidebound cell of tower of dirty shellfish of pancreas of rat of new student experiment occupies gross of pancreas dirty cell only. 51 % .

Research returns discovery, be born 12 week hind, it is normal that the blood sugar of the experimental rat of low weight is worth apparent prep above experimental rat, occurrence candy metabolization is unusual phenomenon. Researcher thinks experiment of this one animal has to the mankind draw lessons from a meaning. There ever was research to show before this, low weight baby contracts the disease related to habits and customs more easily.

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