The expert says active cure erects functional obstacle can be prevented diabetic
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Surgery of make water of secrete of the 22nd Europe learns annual meeting 22 days to be held in Berlin. The expert points out on the meeting, quite one part male suffers erect the worry of functional obstacle, the patient should have treatment actively, because this is helpful for domesticity not only, and can help precaution diabetic wait for a disease.

Germany bright Hermann Fan Alan of professor of university urological department points out Siteer, the patient does not have treatment or delay treatment often because awkward or hard open one's mouth, however this affects family life not only, still cause more problem sometimes, because erect functional obstacle often diabetic the foreboding that waits for a disease, erect functional obstacle and diabetic between the relationship is close.

The expert points out, medical bound is at present right erect the remedial research of functional obstacle already obtained certain positive result. A few medicines and chemical reagents on the market do obeisance to newest development of company of ear medicine health care like Germany " Ailida " wait, can use cure to erect not only functional obstacle, still can alleviate frequent micturition make water is urgent wait for a symptom. In addition, erect if functional obstacle patient has diabetic, 2 disease need to be treated at the same time, curative effect of disease of separate treatment some sometimes not apparent.

The expert of about 12 thousand urology that comes from 110 many countries and area attended current annual meeting. On annual meeting, experts still treated the newest research achievement of the disease such as nephrosis to undertake communicating.

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