Eat pumpkin to fall blood sugar does not have excellent scientific basis
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All sorts of season fruits appear on the market in great quantities now, but " candy is friendly " cannot devouringly. Many " candy is friendly " believe pumpkin falls too the action of candy, cause a share " candy is friendly " occurrence blood sugar is elevatory phenomenon, hospital of Henan province people is diabetic (how to treat diabetic) division director Zhao Zhigang reminds " candy is friendly " -- " candy is friendly " gluttonous pumpkin is wrong!

If common pumpkin once was asked at most in friend of outpatient service candy by myth, the problem is to eat pumpkin to be able to fall candy, so that some of candy friend asks,get a flush with agitation, endocrine doctor also does not reply to give a the reason why.

The reporter seeks advice from endocrine of a few hospitals when family doctor, they also are not clear that pumpkin falls the factual basis of candy. Via making visit with all possible means, the reporter falls to pumpkin from the understanding in friendly mouth of a few candy the antecedents of candy. As a temporary measure listens to this fabulous everybody.

Be in allegedly 20 centuries 80 time are prime, diabetic sicken rate is Japanese Hokkaido area 5% , but have cry on the west Zhang Cun (transliteration) do not have a diabetic however. The expert investigates discovery, zhang Cun villager likes to eat pumpkin on the west. Then, pumpkin falls the message of candy spreads everywhere to Japan, bleach ocean to cross the sea to come to China again.

Pumpkin falls candy lacks a basis " any material allege can fall candy, must accord with 3 conditions, namely doctors often say ' 3 look ' . " Zhao Zhigang says.

See material whether have function of stimulative insulin excretive; The 2 functions that see it can enhance cell of pancreas islet β ; 3 see it whether the to amylaceous, dextrose absorption inside slow down human body. Apparent, as food for, pumpkin of before two kinds of functions is not had, but it has the 3rd function, some cellulose are contained in pumpkin namely, enter human body to adhere to on alvine wall, make alvine wall decreases to wait for corporeal absorption to the starch inside alvine path, dextrose.

But those who need a specification is, cellulose is not pumpkin place particular, in waiting for food, wheat also contains a lot ofcellulose.

Come for years, numerous diabetic eat pumpkin to regard as fall the tweak of blood sugar, pink of the fluid of pumpkin profess to convinced on the market, pumpkin, more let people fall to pumpkin candy theory believes thoroughly.

Zhao Zhigang says, "Eat pumpkin to fall blood sugar " when doing not have excellent scientific basis, candy friend does not believe so called fokelore, regard alimental as a kind, everyday right amount eat to there was not a problem, but cannot eat pumpkin every day.

Director of division of nutrition of liberation army total hospital Professor Xue Changyong says when accepting media to interview, the nutrient material with the more content in pumpkin is carotene, vitamin and candy, contain candy to measure faster food as a kind, disappear impossibly noisy to the person's blood sugar. " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in have " pumpkin fills in beneficial is angry, feed more hair n/med beriberi, icteric (how to treat icteric) " account.
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