Rise blood sugar: White bread should compare white sugar fierce
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Precaution is hypertensive, diabetic should begin from dietary control first.

Current, number of our country diabetic is adjacent 40 million, already made world diabetic population " the 2nd big country " ; The diabetic in old people of 60 years old of above is 12 % ; Diabetic sicken rate also is rising in the youth. Hematic fat is unusual person adjacent 160 million, hypertensive sicken number is more adjacent 200 million close greatly. And people however often oversight, the number of such shock, need lofty medical treatment level to improve not only, beg us even from everyday a dish makes a meal, from " fountainhead " the happening that puts an end to chronic.

It is most important to be in charge of good quantity of heat

Though riches and honour is ill varied, dan Rejian odd end rises, quantity of heat absorbs mark of unfavorable balance of trade is to bring about fat the mainest inducement. For this, the United States is famous and fat Dr. John Fuerte ever pointed out research expert: Bring about fat have a variety of reasons, basically be structure of heredity, bad food and insalubrious lifestyle the result of joint action. " among them, hind both was to remove critical factor more.

These 3 kinds of nutriment all can be carbohydrate, adipose, protein airframe supplies quantity of heat, call nutriment of quantity of heat. When the energy that the total quantity of heat that supplies when nutriment of quantity of heat and airframe waste is balanced, the quantity of heat that nutriment of 3 kinds of quantity of heat supplies to airframe respectively is: Carbohydrate is occupied about 60%~70% , adipose when occupying 20%~25% , protein to occupy 10%~15% about about, respective special effect is developed and rise to promote each other with protective action.

This kind of total quantity of heat is balanced, scale of quantity of heat (or the scale of intake of nutriment of quantity of heat) the circumstance of the balance calls nutriment of quantity of heat to make a balance. If a person absorbs the energy that contains in food to be more than the wastage of airframe everyday, redundant this part energy can store with adipose form inside body, as time passes, the weight of this person exceeds normal weight level possibly, will cause fat of fat, tall blood and heart disease to wait.

Dr. Fuerte says: "Without bad food, have unreasonable prandial habit only. " accordingly, control quantity of heat is not pure absorb or put an end to some kind alimental is absorbed, go up in the basis that understands him nutrition requirement however, undertake to resource of of all kinds food " reasonable configuration " .

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