Easy on the low side of blood sugar of summertime little appetite
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The summer, to the diabetic it is a special season. Because weather is torrid, a lot of diabetics lack appetite, think as it happens can control food, actually such practice, bring about blood sugar on the low side easily and appear life is dangerous. Return some diabetics habit to be in summertime keep late hours, do same meeting to affect the time that use drug so, make blood sugar control appears then disorder. Reporter of □ our newspaper | Xu Junfang | Civil

Cold avoid of summertime food avoid slants

A lot of diabetics discover, weather is hotter, blood sugar is lower than before instead. Then some patients take the chance carouse of to one's heart's content, the thing that takes in a few freezer especially, dehisce is drunk, the result brings about blood sugar disorder. Have diabetic history Mr Chen, before two days just experienced this one experience -- , in view of on the low side of the closest blood sugar, he puts a person's mind to drink the glacial Pi that rose to be taken from freezer, his abdomen was troubled by in the evening that day had an opinion, the toilet ran ten times night, whole person not only collapse of within an inch of, blood sugar also rose many.


Human body is opposite in the summer the sensitivity heighten of insulin, make insulin secrete more than other season, because this summer also is the period of lowest of level of the blood sugar in a year. Since blood sugar is opposite normal, drop in temperature to see hot weather, then some diabetics put carouse of to one's heart's content of a person's mind, the cold drink that takes in a few Gang Congbing box also is to illuminate drink not by accident. Diabetic itself resistance is actually poor, the summer is used up big, the constitution is met opposite weaker, and cool food causes gastric bowel very easily unwell, cause diarrhoea, bring about dehydration, electrolyte to wait for a circumstance mussily, can make blood sugar elevatory instead so, cause diabetic acute complication even. To the diabetic, solution heat must not eat cool feed, can eat meal of some of gram soup, lotus leaf to wait appropriately.

In addition, because air temperature is higher, make appetite of patient of polysaccharide make water drop, appetite decreases, then they feel OK to take the chance to control food. This kind of practice is actually more dangerous, because be in,the blood sugar value of itself of summertime human body can be reduced, and of most patient fall candy medicine still maintains the dosage before, if factitious ground reduces appetite, cause the happening of hypoglycemia very easily. In the meantime, summertime energy is used up big, more want right amount, rule to dine, gift is nicer the ground dominates blood sugar. From clinical on look, candy friend is controlling total caloric premise to fall, relax appropriately staple food quantity, the energy that so that complement,wastes.

Summer perspires more, diabetic person wants to water more, but water also should have degree, unfavorable a large number of watering, cross much moisture to bring about the water inside body and electrolyte easily otherwise lopsided, have cause the hazard with insensible sex of tall ooze of diabetic blame ketosis.
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