Primitive food way is good to the diabetic
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Those food of the edible in human evolution process perhaps are control Ⅱ kind diabetic best choice. A research of Langton university discovers Switzerland, successive edible these food 3 months, can raise human body to decompose the ability of carbohydrate significantly.

Before agricultural times comes, flesh of our ancestral draft fruit, vegetable, nut, essence and fish. And offer main caloric corn, milk products, refined oil and candy to be only inside quite short period of time for modern the staple food that makes them.

Researcher of ministry of Langton university medicine already undertook to this tens of year research. Research group is in inchoate notice new Guinea Ba Buya island and Teluobulien the Kadawa of archipelago the nation suffers from a heart and vessels without the person disease and diabetic. And the food that these two areas also did not give priority to with farmland.

In a clinical experiment, researcher divides 29 patients two groups. All ill average per capita already were diagnosed to go out contract coronary heart disease, among them great majority suffers from dominance Ⅱ kind diabetic. The first group of patients (14) photograph according to the dietary means of the the Old Stone Age eat 3 months. The 2nd group of patients (15) criterion the dietary means that person Qing Dynasty suffers from imitate mediterranean, absorb food to basically include milk products of edibles of complete fat corn, low fat, fruit, vegetable and the purificatory oil that are thought general interest is healthy. Dextrose all appears to be able to bear or endure after all patients absorb carbohydrate suffer undesirable symptom, blood sugar value is elevatory.

Research is main as a result 12 week hind reach, the first group of blood sugar values that lift formerly are reduced apparently (drop 26% ) , and additionally one group changes without what almost (drop only 7% ) . When research ends, volume of the first group all patient blood sugar is normal. In the meantime, the waistline of this groups of people is reduced somewhat apparently.

Researcher concludes from this: Be not quantity of heat to absorb drop with weight enhanced human body to be opposite of absorbed carbohydrate decompose ability. These two groups main distinction is before one group of patients absorbed corn edibles and grandma product are opposite less, and the fruit slants much.

Researcher says: Ancient name for a kind of scorpion of quiet of Tong of lienal blood clam of acute communicable diseases of Mou of late of し of Qu of Lang of Quan  . ?

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