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Although tipple coke can bring such as,fat, blood sugar lifts wait for a variety of evil consequence, but the occurrence of the coke that do not have candy, can make all these problem gets perfect solve. Is the thing really such? An article of American MSN website will point out on July 24, the coke that do not have candy can increase cardiovascular disease and diabetic dangerous sex euqally.

Luo Ma of Bostonian college of medicine checks Dr. Du Weisen and his research group to discover, those day drinkable the person of beverage of carbonic acid of a cup of above, the risk of fat of fat, tall blood, tall blood sugar meets centrality elevatory. In the meantime, drink the person that does not have candy or beverage of carbonic acid having sugar no matter, the food and drink that has likeness is used to -- apt absorbs overmuch quantity of heat, more saturated fatty acid and the fatty acid that return form, exercise rarely and like sedentary. This research publishs in newest first phase as a result " circulate " on the magazine.

The doubt in cost of · of susan of chairman of American beverage association says: "This viewpoint, at present to the general understanding of people is a challenge. The water of 99% and little flavor enhancement, mix almost 0 caloric thing, how can you cause gain weight? " to this, power dark the doctor explained the following kinds likelihood. Above all, the coke that do not have candy also is sweet. Love is drunk sweet the person of beverage, also can dote on other sweetmeat all the more. Next, consumption does not have the person of candy coke, it is those are having insalubrious way of life and the person that knows oneself need to reduce weight, the odds that these people produce cardiovascular disease greatly person of prep above health. Finally, the caramel pigment that adds in beverage may cause insulin resistance, cause blood sugar to lift.

Accordingly, although the research about this respect is very few still, but " the sky won't drop pasty " , the coke that do not have candy also is such, everybody still should choose the more healthy drink such as vegetable juice, yoghurt as far as possible.

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