Harbor 300 feed four to push " 3 little type of healthy dish of more than 1 " or
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Graph: Cheng Zhuoduan (right 3) distribute sheet to wine shop client piece, remind them to go out the dish type with the many more healthy choice when have dinner.

The food of the have dinner outside going out is mostly much salt is much oilier, hong Kong wholesome arrange is carried out since 30 days have " battalion " plan of the forerunner that feed four, 300 meetings feeding four that attend are offerred " 3 little more than 1 " little oil of ─ of healthy dish type, little salt reachs little candy and much vegetables and fruits, have feed four to have hope quite to the market of healthy dish type. The citizen expresses to welcome to this plan, think to be able to raise the consciousness of healthy diet

According to Hong Kong big bulletin reports, the reference of wineshop of scene of new dynasty view that joins forerunner plan is wholesome of arrange how-to, offer type of 10 healthy dish to offer alternative of late city client, include to have child of ginger, Qing Gongjiao, cucumber and balsam pear " joys and sorrows of life fries chicken piece " , " sweet beans of Yu ear Huang Er fries shelled fresh shrimps " and " sea shrimp flesh is broken boil green melon " etc.

Luowei says wineshop president solely, 1/3 the heft using oil of healthy dish type is before, reach can decrease add salt and candy, preserve the little taste of dish. He says, arrange square how-to and simple Yi Ming, and itself is adopted all the time " 3 little " means cook, carry out a plan to did not treat too big question so. He says again, believe healthy dish type can get client reception, can increase integral trade specified number, but difficult estimation rises, the meeting after a week analyses dish pattern.

Chen Sheng of hutch department manager expresses, choose makings of true material fact to not be afraid of flavour not beautiful. He says frankly there is partial chef habit to cook below the banner much oilier much salt, to plan and reduce the weight of flavoring, at the beginning of them when fail to suit, accomplished now.

Office of wholesome office assistant grows Cheng Zhuorui to express, want the opportunity of bring down sicken, be about to begin in food, much dot contains the dish type of greens fruit, do not grant responsibility shirk to feed four, active demand " hm should walk along oil, oyster sauce to go up additionally " , believe to feed four to be offerred gladly.

Specialized subject of Hong Kong heart learns to express on behalf of Gao Deqian, much salt, much oil and polysaccharide make easily adipose accumulation, organic meeting is brought cause heart and cerebral blood-vessel disease; Eat too much candy to also can make blood sugar level high, increase have diabetic risk; Prandial in contain excessive salinity, can cause nephrosis and high blood pressure. He says again, too much adipose meeting is accumulative in abdomen Nan, affect Heer to cover a standard, your blood pressure rises, and cause metabolization syndrome.
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