Diabetic person eats celery Chinese cabbage more
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In recent years, chronic constipation already became the serious illness that affects modern life quality. To the diabetic, constipation is very terrible, because constipation is,cause diabetic blindness and the Gao Wei element that the heart straightens.

Diabetic course of diseases is longer, plant nerve pathological changes can bring about stubborn sex constipation. The person is in forcibly when defecate, blood pressure level is compared one times taller at ordinary times. The diabetic has retinal pathological change more, twinkling
The hypertension between can cause hemal rupture, cause retinal haemorrhage, cause blindness. Companion of diabetic of quite a few has coronary artery and head arteriosclerosis, constipation can cause blood pressure to lift quickly, heart bear is increased, the odds that causes acute heart stalk increases greatly.

So, doctor treatment must seek when diabetic occurrence constipation. Should adjust food appropriately at ordinary times, eat the vegetable that contains a lot ofcellulose more, wait like celery, Chinese cabbage. To the patient of constipation of long-term and stubborn sex, can take the cathartic such as capsule of Lu Hui of bolus of Ma Renrun bowel, compound, in order to maintain defecate unobstructed, reduce the harm that constipation causes. (Li of king of Wuhan downtown hospital)

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