Diabetic 6 into eat " wrong "
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"Diabetic sicken is led with annual the speed of one thousandth increases by degrees, the patient of Nanjing already exceeded 400 thousand, no time to delay of diabetic prevention and cure. " recently, club of Nanjing city diabetic wardmate holds water in Nanjing city diabetic center, ma Jianhua of expert of diabetic prevention and cure appeals the society takes diabetic prevention and cure seriously aloud. But the 6 dietary errors that exist into the diabetic let prevention and cure become difficult problem however.

According to endocrine of the first hospital division director Ma Jianhua introduces, our country diabetic incidence of a disease already amounted to 3 % , and be returned every year increase by degrees with the speed of one thousandth. At present the whole world in near 200 million diabetic, our country exceeds 40 million. Diabetic after making disease of afterwards tumour, heart and vessels " the 3rd big killer " . The expert cited a case to the reporter, the diabetic incidence of a disease of Shanghai already amounted to 9 % , nanjing is controlled in 7 % , this meant the diabetic of Nanjing to already exceeded 400 thousand. Before this one word compares 10 years, increased one times much. "10 old before, everybody is together, hear somebody was gotten rarely diabetic, had minded now did not blame. " Director Ma says with all sorts of feelings, diabetic nowadays come on younger and younger, the II that ability grows up to get only almost previously diabetic, children gets nowadays also increasingly grow in quantity. The smallest II that he has recieved diabetic has head of 10 annual expenditure only. This small fat mound that does not like sport at ordinary times is checked had sufferred from with respect to discovery on diabetic.

Face huge diabetic crowd, ma Jianhua says, from the point of the diabetic person condition of this center statistic, the patient of more than 60 % is put in dietary error. Because worry,Director Ma citing says a few patients " starch can be changed into candy to divide " , abstemious oneself should eat less, still admonish oneself " cannot eat the Gao Zhigao such as birds of fleshy fish egg to heat up food " , "Do not eat a fruit " , some patients are afraid that much make water returns limitation to water. "Actually, these are unscientific. " expert introduction, these errors can make patient nutrition absorbs disequilibrium not only, have caustic health, also go against control blood sugar, and limitation waters cause hematic chroma very easily exorbitant, and because human body lacks water and the likelihood causes other disease. "Key of diabetic control food is to had controlled daily total caloric to absorb, birds of piscine egg flesh can eat, food crops food grains other than wheat and rice also cannot is short of. " expert introduction, to general and grown patient, absorb commissariat about everyday 300 grams, flesh 100 to 150 grams, notice grain of element of meat or fish, degree of finish is tie-in even, have oil less, every eat 89 minutes full can.
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