White wine also can have function of red wine health care
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Brew division development goes a kind of white wine, this wine has claret all sanitarian functions.

The research of a lot of countries shows right amount drink to have sanitarian effect to the heart, red wine is good to effect of cardiac health care at other alcoholic beverage. Because the much phenol in red wine is mixed,the likelihood is fought oxide to keep clear of harmful freedom base, maintained blood-vessel expedite. Much more phenolic material is centered on grape skin, claret is to take a skin to compress content of much more phenolic material is very so high. The white grape breed that the research group of French Montpellier university chose much more phenolic content to abound, use the method that brings a skin to compress, excogitated the white wine with much more phenolic rich content. What they choose is Xia Duoli, make the wine that give much more phenolic content is higher than common Xia Duoli fourfold.

The brew method of scientists is more than method of brew of common Xia Duoli gave two measure, it is a grape bate that has compressed 6 days, 2 it is to use high temperature to heat.

Scientists are special made Paradoxe Blanc wine for diabetic person wine, diabetic person is cleared the ability of freedom radical should lose than the ordinary person. The scientific test that with Xiaobai rat makes shows, after serving this liquor, inside ill mouse system it is adjacent and normal to fight oxidation level. The Teissedre that studies a group expresses, everyday the oxidation pressure that 9 cups of wine can reduce diabetic person.

But the result that research group has not show to the wine that they manufacture has cleared and arterial adipose deposit, also did not state wine can be reduced have heart disease and apoplectic risk. The Kitty of diabetic beneficent meeting says England, the best method that fights oxidation eats vegetable and fruit more namely, have diabetic person can right amount drink.

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