Who says diabetic person cannot eat a fruit? 6 put in dietary error into the pat
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[Nanjing daily reports] (Ni Xiuping of reporter Xu Jun's reporter) yesterday is in club of Nanjing city diabetic wardmate center of city diabetic prevention and cure holds water. The participant will obtain the food and drink with this free club to coach henceforth. Controller of center of city diabetic prevention and cure expresses, diabetic person is at present medium at least 6 into existence food error, bring about an illness to be controlled hard.

Ma Jianhua of endocrine division director says the first hospital of this center controller, city, diabetic now sicken leads Nanjing to be controlled in 7 % about. Diabetic pathogeny is very complex, still make clear not completely at present, but much with photograph fatly, for a long time feed element of lack of overmuch, motion, spirit to wait about.

From the point of the diabetic person condition of this center statistic, the patient of more than 60 % is put in dietary error, be like " starch can be changed into candy cent, should eat less " ; "Cannot eat the Gao Zhigao such as birds of fleshy fish egg to heat up food " ; "Do not eat a fruit " , some patients are afraid that much make water returns limitation to water.

The expert expresses, these errors can make patient nutrition absorbs disequilibrium not only, have caustic health, also go against control blood sugar, and limitation waters cause hematic chroma very easily exorbitant, and because human body lacks water and the likelihood causes other disease.

According to introducing, key of diabetic control food is to had controlled daily total caloric to absorb, birds of piscine egg flesh can eat, food crops food grains other than wheat and rice also cannot is short of. To general and grown patient, absorb commissariat about everyday 300 grams, flesh 100 to 150 grams, notice grain of element of meat or fish, degree of finish is tie-in even, have oil less, every eat 89 minutes full can.

Additional, diabetic person eats a fruit, appropriate choice peach, pear, orange, grapefruit contain the fruit with low candy, unfavorable eat the fruit with the high volume containing sugar such as banana, persimmon, red jujube, hawkthorn. Still should assure to drink water everyday 8 reach 10 cups (the cup of 200 milliliter) .

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