Does breakfast eat congee elevatory blood sugar?
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The congee of Guangzhou is tasted with its items various, local color is distinctive and can weighs a special skill. Also having person Guangzhou so is " congee tastes kingdom " . Someone says, the diabetic cannot eat congee. The congee that ate all one's life, hear breakfast eats congee suddenly can elevatory blood sugar, especially the diabetic is unfavorable eat more, the Guangdong National People's Congress that this lets like congee to taste undoubtedly feels bemused, we might as well the opinion that hears experts.

China cure learns endocrinology to meet committee member of Guangzhou chapter chairman Professor Lao Gancheng to say:

Consider to discover, the blood sugar after the diabetic eats congee compares the blood sugar that eats cooked rice waiting for a quantity to lift apparently. Accordingly, diabetic breakfast eats cooked rice to be helpful for blood sugar control.

In the discovery in diabetic cure process, although the patient takes food by nutrient eat,also cannot dominate blood sugar well. Especially the wave motion of patient blood sugar that breakfast eats congee or soup is bigger, just had then about " method of two kinds of cook is opposite rice the research that the blood sugar after diabetic patient eat affects " research result.

In research, we observed 31 2 model diabetic patient, after the cooked rice that breakfast eats to be boiled in order to wait for quantity rice respectively and congee 30, 60, 120, the change of 180 minutes of blood sugar, illuminate in order to wait for the dextrose oppose of energy. After the eat when the result eats cooked rice 30, 60, 120 minutes of blood sugar are apparent under the blood sugar of corresponding time after the eat when eating congee and dextrose, the blood sugar that cooked rice eats after 60 minutes especially wants lower than eating the patient of congee 4.29mmol/L, and after breakfast eats cooked rice, the blood sugar after eat is smoother, can reach better control level basically.

The blood sugar after taking food can lift, the cooked rice that why waits for a quantity and congee are apparently different however to the influence of blood sugar? The starch in rice not dissolve at water, heat to just can promote it dissolve in water, heat time is longer, after taking food, jump over can extensive absorb easily with digestive juice contact. Additional, congee is shown shed position partly, an empty time of the stomach after taking food is shorter, these may be congee bigger to blood sugar influence than cooked rice reason.

After diabetic patient breakfast, midday preprandial blood sugar is in a day relatively rambunctious period of time, this is secreted besides the hormone with morning antagonism insulin more, liver produces many dextrose to have outside Shanghaiguan, the likelihood returns method of the qualitative, quantity with patient breakfast, cook to concern. If can insist to eat the breakfast that gives priority to with cooked rice, the control that conduces to blood sugar of this period of time, be helpful for the control of round-the-clock blood sugar. If breakfast is unaccustomed,have cooked rice, can choose " 10 cereal rice " the congee that boil, namely unpolished rice, black polished glutinous rice, millet, buckwheat, Gorgon fruit, oaten, lotus seed, cornmeal is mixed the heft such as Gong Yi benevolence mixes and become, if think mouthfeel is better, ke Jialong eye, currant. Boil congee with this coarse food grain, can full abdomen feeling, intestines and stomach absorbs time to grow, what can hold blood sugar is stable.
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