Patient of disease of path of bowel of stomach of disease of diabetic heart and
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Wall bulletin dispatch (Zhang Xing of reporter Cui Yuyan's reporter) dragon boat festival should arrive immediately, the zhongzi became necessary food again. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the reed part of a historical period that includes a zhongzi and lotus leaf all are the fine medicine of heat of clear hot solution, also have even polished glutinous rice good energy of life to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, the effect of clear heat. But delicious zhongzi is not everybody all appropriate, 3 kinds of patients that have disease of path of bowel of disease of diabetic, heart and vessels, stomach especially want careful eat.

Large hospital digests Chen Hong of doctor of medical vice director to say in, do with polished glutinous rice advocate the zhongzi of makings is stodgy, overmuch edible may cause the symptom such as abdominal distension, diarrhoea because of hurting taste, the person that so old person, child child reachs digestive function to differ cannot gluttonous. In addition, the patient that has cholecystitis or pancreatitis medical history should eat a zhongzi less as far as possible, and if the patient that has stomach and duodenum ulcer medical history is gluttonous zhongzi, cause cankerous perforation, haemorrhage very likely; Even if is taste function able-bodied person, also want to eat much food less.

Zhongzi middling has the red jujube with the very high volume that contain sugar, sweetened bean taste to wait now, if be not added abstemious, with respect to the pancreas islet function that can damage a diabetic, cause patient blood sugar and uric candy to rise quickly, aggravating illness, appear even insensible, toxic wait for consequence. In pine of land of division nutrition division introduces large hospital endocrine, to the diabetic, the zhongzi is not to cannot eat, want to notice to control however, generally speaking if ate a zhongzi today, so the quantity of staple food is about to decrease accordingly.

What fleshy Zong and place of Zong of lardy sweetened bean taste contain is adipose more, patient of fat of hypertensive, tall blood, coronary heart disease eats much, can increase blood to stick consistency, affect haemal loop. In Xie Hangzhou of doctor of vice director of internal medicine of large hospital heart suggests, eat a zhongzi to had better choose taste a few more delicate, must not meat meat has a zhongzi, conditional word is having a zhongzi later a fruit, such is helpful for that increase what fiber pledges to absorb, those who achieve nutrition is balanced.

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