Finnish study shows that: the adult children prone to diabetes premature
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Finland, a study recently released the results showed that less than 35 weeks of pregnancy, preterm children born in adulthood at higher risk of type Ⅱ diabetes. 3, according to Finnish media reports, the Finnish researchers 13000 Duomingfenlan citizens health information were studied. These people were born in 1934 to 1944, of which 5% of people suffering from diabetes after the age of 40 and therefore medication. The comparative analysis, the researchers found that 35 weeks of pregnancy less children born premature adulthood risk of type Ⅱ diabetes born full-term infants higher than 60%. The researchers believe that this may be related to preterm children in the mother's womb failed to complete the development of normal late pregnancy, and therefore prone to the disorder of glucose metabolism. Ⅱ diabetes, also known as adult onset diabetes, mostly in 35 to 40 years after the onset. The number of patients with type Ⅱ diabetes accounted for more than 90% of the total.