Experts on: Science treating diabetes
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Diabetes is caused cerebral vascular disease, kidney failure, blindness, lower limb gangrene and other diseases, the main reason. Many diabetic patients need lifelong medication, chemical dependency oral hypoglycemic agents or insulin to control blood sugar for life to play. The reason why diabetes is difficult to cure, the main reason is that many treatment programs has not addressed the root cause of diabetes. Diabetes, the pancreas produces the cause of organ fibrosis is caused inside and outside the secretion of pancreatic dysfunction, thereby causing islet cell damage results. Therefore, "fibrosis of the pancreas organ" is the root cause of diabetes causes pancreatic fibrosis is the reversal of the fundamental cure for diabetes. After years of medical research, and finally developed into pancreatic organ fibrosis can be reversed key natural material, the included "DC cell activation factor" can effectively activate the body's cell factor, achieving reversal of pancreatic organ fibrosis. In order to enable patients to understand the scientific method of treatment, anti-fibrosis (Shanghai) Consulting Center invited the popular diabetes experts as "scientific treatment of diabetes" report. Time: 11 月 28 日 (周日) 8:00-11:30; Location: Xuhui Science and Technology Museum on the first floor (No. 60 Nandan Road, near Tian Yao Qiao Road), the Advisory Hotline :021 -53511220, 53511216, hope Reservation participate.