Diabetic symptom
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Diabetic symptom basically is the result that metabolization of candy, adipose, protein, water, salt, soda acid reachs complication of hemal, nerve mussily, expression is:
⑴ much make water: It is blood sugar lifts, the body excludes the result that candy divides through uric fluid hard;
⑵ much drink: Because micturition is much,be, the body needs the result of compensatory and missing moisture;
⑶ feeds more: The body cannot use the result that candy divides well;
⑷ physical strength and weight drop: This is energy inadequacy, adipose reach protein to use up be caused by. Above 4 customarily are called " three little " ;
⑸ skin Sao is urticant: Tall blood sugar stimulates nerve ending be caused by, because there is sugar in make water, adding secrete make water is infection opportunity grow in quantity, vulva Sao is urticant more apparent. The skin such as incidental scabies, carbuncle affects the patient;
⑹ eyesight drops: Tall blood sugar reachs ophthalmic complication be caused by;
⑺ other: Wait for the expression of diabetic chronic complication like constipation of brothers coma, flustered be discouraged, diarrhoea, retention of urine and impotence.
Hair cause of disease because
Diabetic it is complex, often be a variety of elements joint action is caused come on.
One, genetic in the part diabetic philtrum has genetic element influence clearly to come on, it is for example in dual one happens diabetic, another opportunity that has 50 % comes on. If be odd egg dual, coming on at the same time more. According to statistic, if father or mother suffer from blame insulin,depend on model diabetic, the dangerous ratio that children comes on is about 10 - 5 % , if parents all suffers from blame insulin to depend on model diabetic, criterion hair ill danger of children is led taller. If one brother produces blame insulin to depend on model diabetic, the ratio of hair ill risk of other brother is 10 - 15 % . But insulin is depended on model the insulin of filial Central Africa of diabetic person is depended on model diabetic incidence of a disease not prep above is general crowd.
Already confirmed insulin is depended on model diabetic concern with special HLA, dangerous sex has DR3 high; DR4; DW3; DW4; B8; B15.
Thinking the part is diabetic more now is polygene heredity disease, do not decide by a certain gene, gene quantity is achieved or just is the possibility that come on when its threshold value more than however.
2, after virus infection makes the much more diabetic at virus happening that affect, for example nettle rash virus, mumps virus, Ke Saji virus, gland virus, likelihood and virus sex pancreas islet are phlogistic about. It is infection of every virus sex all happens of course diabetic.
3, the discovery in diabetic person serum refuses oneself immunity part antibody of cell of pancreas islet β , to experimental animal inject fights antibody of cell of pancreas islet β to be able to cause candy to be able to bear or endure the amount is unusual, pathology examination also can see there is the appearance such as the soak of lymphocyte and acerbity cell of be addicted to in pancreas islet. Also report is depended on in insulin model diabetic come on inchoate restrain cure with immunity attainable favorable result, even " heal " .
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