Old person and diabetic
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The age of senile diabetic is in 60 years old of above, what great majority suffers from is II model diabetic (be not insulin to depend on namely model diabetic) . According to statistic, the diabetic sicken of old people is led (11.32% ) want the average sicken with diabetic prep above to lead (3.2% ) . As aged acceleration, senile diabetic will have add without decrease. Accordingly, the society should take this seriously highly more.
Diabetic why special " preference " Where is old people? Above all, with physiology the change is concerned. The organ inside old people body as the growth of the age gradually atrophic, all sorts of functions drop with each passing day. Next, with lifestyle closely related. Old people leaves after retiring, without actuating pressure, social activity decreases relatively, eat well consequently, rest much, the activity is little. If be in this for a long time to plant " income much, defray is little " condition, bring about nutrition, quantity of heat necessarily superfluous; Again together with airframe is reduced to the sensitivity of insulin action, reason suffers from easily diabetic.
Many senile diabetics are when routine check-up ability is discovered, be without beforehand conscious, can saying is diabetic " abrupt call at sb's house pays a visit " . Still have many people until appeared serious complication, to hospital inspection, ability discovery suffers from already diabetic. Old age is diabetic the complication that appears easily has: Cataract, retinal disease and disease of heart head blood-vessel. The most serious is to happen diabetic insensible, because the patient's condition is dangerous, often can endanger life. Accordingly, old people should check blood sugar regularly, in an attempt to discovers as early as possible diabetic. At ordinary times, still need to whether have the symptom of a few foreboding with diabetic old age alertly particularly, if temperature is low, much apparently sweat, sweeny, angular, articulatory ache, cognitive function drops etc.
Old person and diabetic how " peaceful coexistence "
Once diabetic self-invited, senile patient also does not want depress, full of remorse, and want society and diabetic coexist. Want to accomplish early discovery, early treatment as far as possible only, prevent complication actively, senile friend still can live chicly.
Specifically, senile diabetic should abide by 3 cure principle: One, it is to want to control food strictly, this is not pure it is quantity of limitative staple food, should control total caloric to absorb, everybody but the particular case according to oneself, discuss with doctor or nutrient division, make an optimal diet plan that fits oneself. 2, it is to want to enter a few necessary sports activities everyday. 3, if be controlled through food,be, blood sugar is controlled not ideally still, need to be in next the doctor is directive adding to use fall candy medicine. In treating a process, still must insist to check blood sugar regularly, cannot check uric candy only, because grow as the age, the kidney candy threshold of old people also is rising, candy of reason make water cannot reflect blood sugar level.
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