Woman of the turn of life is diabetic
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Woman of the turn of life is basic it is 40 years old of above, produce former hair sex diabetic possibility is larger. Between because the endocrine of pancreas islet is hormone and hypophysis function, adrenal coriaceous steroid hormone and sex hormone, have certain mutual connection, use estrogen replaces remedy, although be not brought about diabetic, can make already some blood sugar pass much case more hasten is serious, answer to be treated cautiously. Because this pair has diabetic menopause woman, without very good control, we still should take care, with of short duration need not estrogen is advisable. Need very much really, treat above all diabetic, control just is used to smaller degree.
During using estrogen, still answer to often note diabetic case, adjust medicaments dosage or usage at any time. The estrogen of the form of a drug of profess to convinced (one of steroid hormone are planted) need to metabolize via liver, a large number of long-term application affect the synthesis of liver glycogen and store whether possibly, also should give proper consideration, although reason does not label absolutely contraindication, careful with.
Diabetic it is the turn of life often accompanies a kind of some diseases. The likelihood is the influence be caused by that metabolizes to candy because of endocrine change. Light-duty diabetic consider to control food above all, if fail to get effective, usable medication, food must control total heat energy, maintain standard weight. Be like light-duty the diabetic person that be engaged in light physical labor, daily 126 ~ 146 of every kilogram weight 1000 anxious (kilocalorie of 30 ~ 35) , apparently fat person can fall to 84 1000 anxious (20 kilocalorie) .

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